Thursday, February 16, 2012

AIJC graduate and her thoughts after earning her Masters degree

The Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication handed for the first time to Therese Patricia C. San Diego the highest recognition given to graduates during its Pearl Graduation last January 30, 2012.  San Diego garnered a GPA of 1.23.

In this blog, San Diego shares some of her thoughts now she's finished with the degree, the importance of taking up continuing studies, her memorable experiences during her stay with the AIJC Graduate School and her future plans.

Therese Patricia C. San Diego accepts the challenge of being
an artist of encouragement (Photo by Paul Anthony Alaras)
1. Why is it important to take up continuing studies?

Continuing studies, particularly in Communication and Journalism, are crucial in equipping communicators and journalists with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond to the ever-evolving society’s communication needs.

With the influx of new and emerging communication technologies, we now have a number of options for information exchange and collaboration, such as participatory journalism, social networking, and peer-to-peer file sharing, among many others. We need to learn how to maximize these innovations and use them responsibly. But more importantly, we need to learn how to bridge the digital divide, which these new technologies continue to widen.

Thus, our education does not end with an MA. It does not end with a PhD. We need to continue learning and sharing to keep up with the world, and to keep the world going.

2. What were your memorable moments, both good and bad, during your stay in AIJC Graduate School? 

One of the most memorable moments I’ve had at AIJC was the Cross-Cultural Communication class trip to Bangkok, Thailand, which I wrote about on my blog. We witnessed a monk’s ordination, visited the biggest pagoda in Thailand and sampled the incredible food (the Miang was my favorite!) My classmate Louise Lizano and I even got to ride an elephant and an ox cart and visit the Naew Narok Waterfall on our free day!

My writing assignments in my other classes were also very memorable. I really allotted time to do my papers, whether they were weekly assignments or final reports, because I enjoyed the process and learned so much during my research. Some people assumed I had a lot more extra time since I also worked for AIJC, but my job actually requires me to work long hours with our tight deadlines and overlapping projects. It was just about time management. Plus, my love for both work and school helped me meet my deadlines.

How do you feel now that you have finally earned your MA?

Ecstatic! I was not aware that honors were given in graduate school. I was already very happy about graduating early, but the award was definitely an awesome bonus!

Why did you decide to take up a Master's degree at AIJC? 

AIJC is one of the pioneers in communication education in the Philippines. Its track record in communication research and impressive clientele of multinational organizations and national government agencies give the institute a highly competitive edge over other communication schools. There are only a few others in the country, and based on its record of accomplishment and reputation, AIJC is, I believe, one of the best. True enough, the classes did not disappoint. I won’t mention favorites but most if not all of my professors’ knowledge and expertise were unquestionable. Each class was a treat!

What are your future plans?

In terms of career and academics, I will continue doing communication research, writing freelance for magazines and websites, and maintaining my blog. My mentors are urging me to pursue a doctorate degree and teach as well, but since my plate has gotten fuller at work, those will have to wait—but not too long, I hope! (AIJC)


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