Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'Continue to fight the dark forces lurking in our midst' - AIJC President

AIJC President Ramon R. Tuazon
(Photo by Paul Anthony Alaras)
Below is AIJC Ramon R. Tuazon's Opening Remarks during the Pearl Graduation last January 30 at the Club Filipino, Greenhillls, San Juan City.

If I am reading this speech from an Ipad 2, it is because I want to highlight a contrast

When AIJC opened its doors in 1980, aspiring journalists and communicators had to contend with the sound of typewriter keys and the scent of printer's ink.Today, journalists (communicators), young and old alike, have at their fingertips the worners of smartphones, tablets or androids and similar gadgets.

But some things have not changed. At AIJC, the values enshrined in our Vision-Mission-Goals and as articulated by our illustrous founders like S.P. Lopez, Jose Luna Castro, and, of course, Florangel Rosario-Braid remain. We continue to mould communicators/journalists committed to seeking, pursuing and proclaiming the truth at all times.

Today, 12 individuals are to be added to our growing list of GS alumni. In addition to the conferment of master's degrees, we shall also award certificate and diploma titles to four others.

We welcome and thank you all, especially our commencement speaker, for accepting our invitation to witness not only our pearl anniversary graduation but also our Institute's reaffirmation of its commitment to imbue each person who passes through its portals the bias for truth, freedom and justice.

To our would-be graduates congratulations! We pray that like Jedis, you will continue to fight the dark forces lurking in our midst, May you be continously inspired by the Gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John who share the Good News.

Mabuhay and maraming salamat po! (AIJC)

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