Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Graduate students attend talk on comm planning

Graduate students of the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication attended the recent discussion of AIJC President Ramon Tuazon on communication planning. Here are some of the thoughts of the students after the talk:

"Today's session is very helpful for my current job. It helps me to further develop my skill for communication and media relations." -- Cha Capili

"It was already halfway when I thought of getting my notebook to take down notes because Mr. Tuazon's tips on how to make objectives was so relevant and important. I learned that when the objective is right, the whole communication plan is also right and complete." -- Kim Lineses

"C4D is essential especially to a communication specialist in order to address issues and concerns in an organization and on local and national issues. Communication planning is an important tool which will direct issues to solutions to prevent or avoid complexity of the problem. Monitoring and evaluation is vital in assessing and measure the efficiency of the communication plan." -- Patti Morales


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